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Water Soluble Barrier Creams 

Effective against substances not involving aqueous solutions. It dissolves with sweat and heavy friction. Protection lasts 3 hours under normal conditions and gets pushed out by hydrostatic pressure. 

Application for Water Soluble Barrier Creams

Before work 2 gms of the cream should be applied to clean dry hands up to the wrists and 4 gms upto the elbows. Reapply every 3 hours.  If the hand comes in contact with water during this period, it is essential to clean the hands and re-apply.

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LOGO_white background-02.png



KERODEX® 50 Barrier Cream

A Water Soluble, Antiseptic Cream Base effective against quartz dust, lead dust, graphite, mica and others..


Indication: Effective against contact with enamels, quartz dust, grease, sand, mica, lead dust, activated carbon, carbon black, spirit based ink, japan lacquers, graphite, jute, and facilitates removal of oil when washing after work. (See ISI chart.)



KERODEX® 52 Barrier Cream

A Water Soluble Cream Base effective while dry grinding, handling glass fiber, synthetic resin laminates and others..


Indication: Designed as both a barrier cream and to assist cleaning hands after handling paints. It is effective in processes like handling glass fibre, synthetic resin laminates and also recommended for use with printing inks and solvent based washes. (See ISI chart.)

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